Final Live CE Webinar in 2021: Long Term Care Strategies During & After A Pandemic

Dec 7th 2021, 11:00 AM CST.

CFP 1 Hour CE.

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Ltci Strategies Pandemic

The LTCI industry, like the rest of the world, has been affected by COVID-19.   When considering LTCI during these unprecedented times, there may be a lot of uncertainties about Long Term Care Planning. We will help you understand the possibilities that are available and how to best utilize your options.  We will discuss changes in the industry, including pricing, underwriting and more.

This program addresses several planning solutions, such as LTCI Tax Advantages and proposed State and Federal payroll tax programs.  You will gain an increased awareness of how a LTC event today can impact your clients and their loved ones, even if they have had COVID. Learn the new strategies and funding options that can help your clients mitigate their risks, while feeling confident about the future.

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Federal State Programs Impacting Ltci

Once again, the federal and state government is attempting to roll out a mandatory LTC benefit program paid for by worker contributions. The state of Washington announced their program earlier this year and with fast approaching deadlines, many are trying to learn what their contribution will actually pay for. Will the payroll tax in fact cover them for during a long term care event in the future, or is a private LTCI policy a better solution? We have heard from many sources that there are a dozen other states considering a similar type of program. It is important to read the fine print and do your homework, especially since 65% of Americans will need care in the future. We will walk you through Eligibility Requirements, Plan Costs and Benefits, Opting out options, Benefit Triggers, Employer responsibility, Private LTCI and much more. Let us help you learn the pros and cons of this type of program by utilizing our decades of experience and expertise.

File Ltci Claim During Pandemic

As we navigate during these unprecedented times, clients need more assistance than ever, when filing a claim. We can help you guide your clients in understanding options when choosing to pause an existing claim during COVID-19. We will touch base on everyday claim topics, such as choosing a proper level of care, benefit triggers, caregiver certification and more. We will also discuss utilizing Geriatric Care Mangers and how they can benefit your client’s care.