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Original Presentation: July 8, 2020

Ltc Planning During Bear Market


We discussed what’s changing in Long Term Care Planning and Long Term Care Insurance due to COVID – 19.


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Understanding Current Ltc Planning Strategies

LTC Planning strategies are not the same as purchasing health, home or auto Insurance. When considering LTCI, you are planning to keep the policy in place until you need it. That may not happen for 20 years or longer. Most people change their health, homeowners, and auto insurance every few years. This is why you and your clients need to understand that a “one size fits all” philosophy will not work.

The changing landscape of LTC Planning has come full circle. Asset-Based products and Stand-Alone “Traditional” products each have their own advantages. This program addresses several planning solutions to meet your clients’ needs. You will gain an increased awareness of how a LTC event can impact your clients and their loved ones. Learn the new strategies and funding options that can help your clients mitigate their risks, while feeling confident about the future.



  1. How to Evaluate an Asset-Based Plan to Meet Your Clients Needs
  2. Asset-Based Case Studies: One Size Won’t Fit All Needs
  3. Current LTC Tax Advantages for some Asset-Based Plans
  4. Having the LTC Planning Conversation
  5. Asset-Based Underwriting Guidelines
  6. LTCI Claim Filing Support
  7. Cost of Care: Past, Present and Future
  8. Caregiver Stress
  9. COVID – 19 related carrier updates will be covered
Managing Families Expectations When Filing Ltc Claims

If a client/family member needed care, or thought they needed care, where would they turn to for help? They may need assistance finding a facility or help determining if they are eligible to receive benefits. Typically, people forget more than they remember about what their policies cover and how it works. Filing a claim for a long term care policy can be complicated and time consuming for families if they are not familiar with the process and terminology. We will also discuss how Geriatric Care Managers can assist your clients whether they have a long-term care policy or not. This program will outline steps that make the claim process more efficient and how to tap into Geriatric Care Managers in your area.



  1. How to Determine the Needs of Your Client
  2. What Benefit Triggers are the Client Meeting
  3. What Type of Provider is the Client Interested In
  4. General Policy Provisions
  5. Understanding the Details of the Elimination Period
  6. What Choices Does the Client Have When Accessing Benefits
  7. Cost of Care: What Expenses are involved with Each Type of Service
  8. Reimbursement vs. Cash Indemnity: What’s the Difference when Filing a Claim
  9. Case Studies
  10. COVID – 19 related carrier updates will be covered

To schedule one or both topics, or for more information, contact us at 800-533-6242 or email Brian Gordon at brian@magaltc.com or Peter Florek at peter@magaltc.com.