July 2021, Covid Pandemic Rocks LTC Insurance Industry

In-depth article looking at how COVID-19 impacted the Long Term Care Insurance market. Brian Gordon, President of MAGA Ltd, is quoted.

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December 2020, Long-Term Care Planning Firm Sees Life-LTC Hybrid Prices Rising

MAGA Long Term Care Planning announced to our professional advisory community that we’re seeing price increases coming for LTCI policies. ThinkAdvisor quoted our alert exclusively in this article.

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September 2020, Opinion: Traditional long-term care policies can still work

In Howard Gold’s No Nonsense Investing on Marketwatch he explains the role that traditional Long Term Care Insurance policies have in today’s market. Howard consulted with our own Brian Gordon and quotes him extensively.

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June 2020, “Why Long Term Care Insurance Is So Important Right Now”

Terry Savage (The Savage Truth About Money) does a great job of explaining why Long Term Care Insurance is so important right now. Our own Brian Gordon is listed as a trusted referral source if you have questions about LTCI or want to apply for a policy.

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May 2020, “FAQs About Coronavirus and Long-Term Care Insurance”

This is a good list of FAQs related to Coronavirus and Long Term Care Insurance. Our own Brian Gordon is quoted multiple times.

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April 2020, “How to Care for your Aging Parents from a Distance”

This article is a good overview of how to handle a common issue – how do you take care of aging parents when you don’t live near them? Our own Brian Gordon is quoted.

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November 2019, “Avoid the Obstacles of Long Term Care Claims”

This Kiplinger article mentions our expertise with Long Term Care Insurance claims. The article calls our own Jolene Winter, who is often on the front lines in helping clients and non-clients navigate the claims process.

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August 2019, “How To Decide if Long-Term Care Insurance is Right For You”

In this article from AARP, Peter Florek is consulted to help give advice to a couple about their options to plan and save for Long Term Care.

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December 2016, “More LTC Policy Collapses”

Financial Advisor (FA) magazine interviews Brian Gordon about the announced insolvency of Penn Treaty American Corp. and the overall strength of the long term care insurance industry

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October 2016, “Long Term Care Insurance and Divorce: A Conversation Worth Having”

In this article, Brian and Murray Gordon discuss the important role that LTCI planning can play during and after divorce. Published in Divorce Financial Analyst Journal. Read More

August 2016, Brian Gordon featured in Terry Savage’s Huffington Post Blog

Financial expert Terry Savage addresses the advantages of Long Term Care Combo policies, with input from MAGA’s Brian Gordon. Read More

How do families pay for long term care when their loved ones don’t have long term care insurance? Brian Gordon and Kevin Price discuss what typically happens, how Medicaid works, and how affordable LTCI can be. Click to listen.

March 2016, Real Money Radio with David Holland

Thinking about buying LTCI? Learn the basics every consumer should know in Brian Gordon’s recent radio interview. Read more.

October 2015, Brian Gordon Interviewed on “The Price of Business”

MAGA President Brian Gordon was interviewed on Kevin Price’s radio show, “The Price of Business” discussing LTC proactive planning and emergency strategies. Listen to the interview here..

August 2015, MAGA Insurance Professionals Recognized for Outstanding Long-Term Care Insurance Sales Records

Brian Gordon and Peter Florek, MAGA’s President and Vice President respectively, each received the Association’s 2015 Long-Term Care Sales Achievement Award. Read more.

7 Long-Term Care Insurance Trends To Watch

August 2015: Long-term care insurance is a young product by industry standards. As such, it continues to grow and evolve at a rapid pace. Read the full article here. Read more.

MAGA CEO Murray Gordon Honored for Lifetime Achievement in Entrepreneurial Excellence Awards

September 2015: Murray A. Gordon, Founder and CEO of MAGA Ltd., has been selected as an honoree in the 2015 Entrepreneurial Excellence Awards by the Daily Herald Business Ledger. Read more.

Trimming the Sales in Long Term Care: MAGA Quoted in Financial Advisor Magazine

July 2015: Sales of traditional long-term-care insurance have been dropping for years while hybrid coverage—i.e., LTC riders linked to life insurance or an annuity—have been growing in popularity. Read the full article here.

MAGA’s Murray Gordon and Brian Gordon Featured In the Pioneer Press

Riverwoods, IL: June 2015 – It’s a topic no one really wants to talk about: preparing for the possibility of a spouse or family member becoming ill and requiring long-term care. But according to Murray Gordon, it’s critical to have those conversations, no matter how hard they may be. Read the full article here.

MAGA Ltd., Long Term Care Insurance Protects Families from Skyrocketing Costs

Riverwoods, IL: May 2015 – Long term care costs for seniors continue to escalate, according to research by leading insurance providers. National averages in 2015 range from almost 18,000 a year for basic adult day health care to over $90,000 a year for a private room in a nursing home. Read the press release here.>

MAGA Ltd., Long Term Care Insurance Pioneer, Celebrates 40 Year Anniversary

Northbrook, IL: May 2015 – MAGA Ltd., one of the nation’s original Long Term Care Insurance specialty brokers, is celebrating its 40th anniversary. While this is a feat for any family-owned business, it’s especially noteworthy because Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) is only 41 years old. Read the press release here.

7 Long-Term Care Insurance Trends To Watch

August 2015: Long-term care insurance is a young product by industry standards. As such, it continues to grow and evolve at a rapid pace. Read the full article here.