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LTCI Facts & Stats

We’ve made it our mission to bring you the latest Long Term Care industry news, and we have new information to share. But before we do that, test your working knowledge of LTCI by taking our quick pop quiz:

  • When do most people buy LTCI?
  • Who uses benefits more: men or women?
  • What medical diagnoses account for the most LTCI claims?
  • What coverages do new claimants use most?

You’ll find the answers below, but that’s just the beginning. We recently put together an at-a-glance summary of 2015 LTCI Facts & Stats, drawing from a range of credible industry sources. We invite you to request the PDF by emailing

In this industry, there’s always more information to learn, and it’s our honor to share it with you. As always, if you need assistance, please contact Brian ( or Peter (, or call us at 800-533-6242.



Sharpen your LTCI IQ: request our 2015 LTCI Facts & Stats!


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