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v4MAGA Limited, established in 1975 and licensed nationally, is a family-owned and operated insurance agency that focuses exclusively on Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) and LTC Planning.

We provide unbiased educational services about planning for a long term care event in addition to providing a variety of resources and support to clients and advisors. As an independent agency, we are not captive to any insurance carrier.

MAGA’s business model was founded on education, service and integrity. We believe that an educated consumer is a protected consumer. As part of our mission, we communicate the latest information on long term care planning to consumers, corporations, financial institutions and retirement communities through seminars, personal policy reviews and policy comparisons. We talk straight to our clients and tell them what they need to know—not simply what they want to hear.

At MAGA, we have always practiced what we preach. Our staff carries LTCI policies, and we’ve made sure our loved ones do, too. Over the course of our over 42 year history, MAGA has assisted in delivering millions of dollars of benefits to our clients. We remain committed to providing the highest quality information, services and resources to those seeking solutions for long term care planning.


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