Insurance Companies

MAGA LTD. is a licensed broker of Long Term Care Insurance. The following are just some of the companies we represent. Contact us for more information.

Murray A. Gordon and Associates (MAGA Ltd.) was founded in 1975.  We are a family run business, which includes Murray, his son Brian Gordon and his son-in law, Peter Florek.  MAGA specializes in Long Term Care planning and we are considered experts in our field.  Working only with top-rated insurance carriers, MAGA tailors Long Term Care solutions to each person’s individual needs. We are licensed nationally. Download this brochure to learn more about what makes us different and valuable for our clients and partners.

We work extensively with financial planners, attorneys, CPAs and other fiduciaries in the process of securing long term care protection for their clients, as well as themselves and families. We are proud to partner with such prestigious financial organizations as NAPFA, the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners and the Garrett Planning Network. We provide CFP Continuing Education and has been designated approved by the CFP Board.

We focus on LTC education for clients, financial advisors and other professionals, strives for exceptional customer service and is available to assist clients from start to finish (purchasing a policy to filing a claim decades later). Long Term Care planning education is the key to our 45 years in the LTCI industry.  We want our clients and financial advisors to be familiar with all the available options to make an educated decision and plan successfully for retirement.  We make sure to talk to consumers and financial advisors about the consequences of a LTC event and how it would affect a retirement portfolio and other assets without a plan in place.  Purchasing a LTCI policy provides asset protection, guaranteed benefits no matter what is happening in the economy and peace of mind for the entire family when care is needed in the future.

In addition to securing new long term care coverage for your clients, feel free to consult with us regarding annual policy reviews and claim-readiness analyses. We are happy to provide objective assessments, even if the policy was not purchased through us.

We are a resource for professionals who appreciate the value of long term care insurance but don’t choose to make it one of their core products. Since LTCI planning can be complicated, many insurance professionals choose to use our team to assist when LTC is appropriate for their clients needs.

And by the way, we’re flexible. Whether you’d like us to work directly with your clients or prefer us to function as a back-room resource, we’re happy to meet you on your terms.

We will continue to deliver the best Long Term Care solutions for our future clients and provide top notch service for our existing clients.  We have been specializing in LTCI for 45 years and have assisted our clients in collecting tens of millions of dollars in benefits over the years.  We plan to expand further into our claims consultation program for policyholders who have agents that do not or cannot assist them any longer.  We will remain committed to creating new and innovative solutions for financial professionals, corporations (employer/group LTCI), medical professionals and consumers.  Most importantly, we will promote and assist in LTCI education whenever possible and continue to help our clients in any way we can.

If you are interested in Long Term Care Insurance for a client (or for yourself), simply complete our online quote form  or contact our office . An advisor will review the pertinent information and provide a personalized LTCI quotation.

About Our Name MAGA

For us, MAGA stands for Murray A. Gordon & Associates. We shortened it to MAGA when we opened in 1975, long before anyone else was using it.  Other than some people confusing us with different organizations that also use MAGA, we haven’t had any major issues.  Our MAGA name is recognized nationally by financial advisors and other organizations. Recently we have thought about making some adjustments, but we decided to keep our MAGA name, update our logo to include the Murray A. Gordon & Assoc., and show it more prominently throughout our website and other places.

We do understand how the term “MAGA” can have an affect on some people, whether good or bad. We find that most people give us the opportunity to explain where it comes from, how we run our business and what we stand for. Once they hear that, they’re satisfied and realize we are a nationally recognized well respected Long Term Care Insurance agency without any political affiliation.