Do I Need Long Term Care Insurance?

Do I need Long Term Care Insurance?

We get this question a lot. Many in our industry say that everyone needs long term care insurance (LTCI). We see it differently. Our philosophy is that LTCI isn’t for everyone.

Instead of urging you to buy long term care insurance, in this video series we tell you about our clients – people who have bought long term care insurance. Do you relate to them? Do you plan like they do? Do you share the concerns they had before they purchased LTCI? If so, then maybe long term care insurance is something to consider for you and your family.

The videos are short, only a couple of minutes each. Look for “video run times” for the length of each one.

Ultimately, we hope this helps you be more informed about long term care and the choices you have to plan for it.

Introducing our LTCI Clients

Long term care insurance is one way to plan for a long term care event. Our clients already have a financial plan when we first meet them. They come to us because they’ve identified long term care as a gap in their plan. We call them planners.

In this section we describe them – who they are, why they plan for long term care, and why they feel long term care is important in their overall financial plan.

And, some of our clients ask us when they should start planning. In the last video in this section, we’ll give you our answer.


Video run times

  1. Who Usually Plans for Long Term Care: 2:06
  2. Why do Planners Plan for Long Term Care: 1:50
  3. Where does Long Term Care fit in a Planner’s Plan: 1:43
  4. Is Now a Good Time to Start Planning for Long Term Care: 1:28


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Alternatives to Long Term Care Insurance

When our clients start to plan for a long term care event, they look at all options. LTCI is one choice, but there are others. This section introduces you to the options our clients usually have questions about.


Video run times

  1. Alternatives to LTCI – Self Insuring: 3:03
  2. Alternatives to LTCI – Family, Medicaid, CCRCs: 2:39


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Choices in Long Term Care Insurance

There are two types of policies: stand-alone traditional LTCI and hybrid asset-based LTCI.

We introduce both types, give you the pros and cons, and describe why our clients chose what they did.

Ultimately, most of our clients combine long term care insurance with some self-funding. In the last video we tell you why.


Video run times

  1. Stand-alone Traditional Long Term Care Insurance: 2:44
  2. Hybrid Asset Based Long Term Care Insurance: 2:22
  3. Why Combine LTCI with Self-Insuring: 1:19


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Why Consider MAGA Long Term Care Planning?

We thank you for watching these videos. We hope it’s helped you start to answer the question: do I need long term care insurance?

If you related to our clients after watching these videos, you might be ready to take the first step.

If you’re ready to get started, you can contact us or request a quote. We’ll contact you shortly afterward.

Video run time: 1:38