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Understanding Medicare’s Long Term Care Benefit

A surprising number of seniors still believe that Medicare will cover all their long term care expenses, according to a study by AARP. But here’s the reality: Medicare offers limited-time long term care coverage that applies only to skilled nursing care. Long term care insurance (LTCI), on the

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3 Key Facts to Know about Long Term Care Insurance

key facts long term care insurance

3 Key Facts to Know about Long Term Care Insurance While many people think they know what Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) is, there are many misconceptions out there. Here, we tackle three key facts to gaining a clearer understanding of LTCI. Fact #1: Medicare Isn’t the

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Long-term care planning

Long term care planning is a critical
element of every comprehensive financial plan. Long term care events are a reality of life, and Long Term Care Planning exists to help families preserve their assets, standard of living and independence, while allowing the members of the family to make important choices for the financial, physical and emotional well being of loved ones.

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